I finally feel better than I have in weeks.

I may have felt awful for a bit last night but I woke up feeling better than I have in weeks. I think that despite getting burnt I probably needed a bit of sun. I have walked but never without a jumper or something covering most of me. I actually slept properly for the first time in ages. I’m not awake yet but at least I feel like I had some sleep. The bloated stomach has gone down a lot and feels more comfortable this morning. I didn’t sleep the whole night but I did sleep more hours than normal. Sleep issues have plagued me my entire life. Sleep deprivation is most definitely the worse form of torture. It causes your brain to go insane. I actually have seen things in front of my eyes that I know wasn’t there due to not bring able to sleep properly. That is mostly when I haven’t had enough sleep in months. I found out that it wasn’t wise to drink a wkd, take a Kalms sleep aid and watch a program about ghosts on television. That definitely screws with your head. I literally woke up the next morning hearing demon like sounds. Only for a few seconds after I woke up but it was enough to never want to do that combination again. I’m not mentally ill because I know that logically the things I see or hear when sleep deprived isn’t real.   The problem is when someone thinks that all their delusions are real. I’m quite logical in that way. I understand the whole of my issues therefore they don’t seem to consume me like when I was younger. It takes a very long time to master that skill. I went through a lot of awful things to get to that point. The mental health support isn’t fit for purpose. I had no option but to cope myself in the end. I couldn’t do it without antidepressants because they stop me completely giving up. I wish that I could be medication free one day but that time hasn’t come yet.

Overdone it today and sunburnt.

I felt extremely tired earlier. I ended up going to bed at 10pm. I went to sleep straight away. I only woke up about midnight because I was hot and needed the toilet. I had a drink of water but I still feel awful. I’m a little sunburnt and I have a headache. I know it’s not good to get burnt but at least I’m not just a pale white colour anymore. I was starting to look a little too pale. I walked in the shade a lot so I didn’t get burnt to the point of being sore and uncomfortable. I do feel like I overdid it a little bit. I have an uncomfortable stomach. It’s been sore for a few days. The exercise seemed to have helped but as soon as I sat down it started to get sore again. I have been toilet. I’m not having problems in that department but I just keep getting pains around the lower half of my stomach towards my hips. They’re only there mostly when I’m not being active. I have had this for two days days now. I feel like I need to go toilet but that doesn’t fix the issue even when I do. I don’t understand it. I’m going back to sleep now anyway. I’m definitely resting tomorrow. Apparently it’s going to be hotter so probably best to not go for a walk. I don’t want to get sunburn on top of sunburn. I have other things to do.