I’m feeling better.

I have been for a long walk again today after cleaning the floors and vacuuming. I also changed my bedding but I haven’t put clean covers on them yet. The other covers are washed and are currently drying. I have a bit of ironing to do after getting my dinner (I know it’s nearly half 10 at night but I didn’t have lunch until early evening).

I may not have actually got up until the afternoon but I was awake this morning. I woke up to get breakfast and take my medication. I feel better now that I’m taking my antidepressants in the morning. I put them by my bed with a glass of water so that I don’t have to actually get up. I will be okay once in a medication routine. I’m feeling a lot more awake after just a few days of making myself take them in the mornings.

I’m not being paranoid but a car kept going passed me. I saw it 3 times while I was out. I know that it was the same car because of the registration number. I couldn’t see inside the car because only the back was visible to me. It looked like a dark coloured estate looking thing. I was walking around in a circle route so it is highly unlikely that they were just driving  somewhere. I just thought it was strange. I’ve been followed before so it doesn’t really bother me.