Today has been long despite getting up late.

I got up late but actually got quite a lot done. I did some cleaning that I had been putting off for days. I made myself go for a long walk because I haven’t gone for one in a few days. I needed some fresh air but had to come back half way through my walk to sort out the stray cat. He wanted to come in for food. I had to put flea spot-on on him because he was passing fleas onto both of my cats. They all had spot-on put on them today… much to their protesting. I had to wait until they were chilled out otherwise they will end up running around the flat. The last time we did the routine flea treatment that is what happened. I had to retrieve Mimi from under the coffee table and Mister tried to scratch me after running around for ages. I got it much more timed right tonight. One was eating, and the other two were half asleep when I put their treatment on.

I missed Killing Eve on television earlier, so now I’m watching it on BBC iplayer. That was on BBC 1 when I was out on the second half of my walk. It may be quite late right now but I will sleep after the long walk earlier. I have broken my own rules by making a cup of tea. The caffeine is probably not a great idea at 1 am in the morning. This Villanelle (nickname due to looking a bit like her) has now settled down for the night. I’m probably going to be asleep after I’ve watched this episode on BBC iplayer.