Lockdown isn’t all dull.

I have been watching the repeats that have been on television during lockdown. Ashes to ashes, life on mars. I love going back to that era. I would love to go back just to see what it used to be like back then. I would purposely go introduce myself to the evil one when they were a child at that point in time. I would make sure that they didn’t grow up to do the evil things that they did to me. I probably couldn’t resist stopping them from ever ending up homeless because maybe that also made them the type of person that they became. The butterfly effect would work for myself too by stopping me going to prison after I met them. I feel sad that it’s too late to help them in the present day. Even at my age I am too old to change if I was pure evil. I’m only slightly evil.

I need that part of me to survive at the hands of complete narcissists. I try to avoid them but they seem to be everywhere nowadays. The internet is full of bored men sending dick pics to women at the moment. Some have an obsession with showing off their goods on social networks. I came across one profile of a man flapping his ‘wand’ but as a shadow on the wall. He also had other video clips of him flipping that around while he was in the shower through frosted glass. These photos are not even against community standards because these aren’t directly focused on that area. They are still distasteful in my eyes. I don’t like being sent those photos either. I don’t think most women like receiving those photos in their direct message inbox. I don’t know why they just won’t quit sending them to us. I didn’t get any for a long time but lockdown seems to have reintroduced their habits.

I’ve also been watching Friday night dinner and the inbetweeners series which I hadn’t previously seen when the sitcoms were initially released. I started watching the latest series of Friday night dinner over the last month but both the above sitcoms were played from the beginning of series one. I’m not a huge fan of television but I am starting to enjoy things that they are putting on as repeats. They aren’t repeats to me because I haven’t seen them the first time around. I don’t mind watching life on mars or ashes to ashes again. I was quite young when those programs came out so it’s new to my memory.

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