The secrets of staying slim/not gaining weight during lockdown.

I know that staying slim or/and not gaining weight during lockdown is an issue for many people right now. I have managed not to gain weight and even lost a bit at the beginning of our lockdown. I’m not going to say that my habits will definitely work but they are worth a try for anyone wanting to lose any excess flab due to eating too much. The art of portion control takes a huge amount of practice and discipline. I’m nearly in my mid thirties… I’ve only just mastered this skill. I still allow myself to have the things that I enjoy but in limited amounts. I do sometimes break those habits but not enough to actually gain weight.

I have my vibrating plate machine at home which does help but just doing an exercise routine every day has the same results. I didn’t walk or go on that machine for days and still managed to control my weight. I’m aware that some people are ‘allergic to exercise’. The physical movement is a small part of these suggestions to control weight during lockdown.

I eat breakfast cereal before 10 am (well, I am now I’m up at a decent hour). I’m not talking about the cereals loaded with sugar. I have the flakes with the dried fruit. Occasionally, if I can’t get the others, my second choice would be the fruit and fiber cereal. If you’re allergic to nuts then you shouldn’t eat the fruit and fiber cereal. Then, for lunch I have two sandwiches. In the evening, I mostly have Quorn alternatives with vegetables. The best thing about vegetables is that you can have a larger portion of them without having to worry about weight gain. They also fill you up so that you’re not snacking too much. If I am going to have a snack I eat a banana (other fruits depending on what I’ve got in the fridge), light crisps (like pom bears and those snack a jack mini packets).

I don’t want to sound like everyone else but drinking water is something that does help with weight control. I do drink other things too (tea, soda, alcohol). Water takes away the bloat that alcohol and soda creates. I drink a glass of water after drinking any of the above. That way I still get to drink the things I like but don’t have to put up with the bloat that those drinks cause. Tea and soda is something I drink regularly on a daily basis. I limit myself to two little bottles of things like pepsi max a day. I don’t drink tea too late in the evening any longer so that I am able to get to sleep. I don’t drink a lot of alcohol because I’m a bit of a light weight. I use it to chill out (like everyone if they’re honest).