50% productivity is better than none.

I managed to get half of the housework today. I’m counting this as a success because it’s taken me weeks to get that far. I can look at it without feeling stressed out now. Eventually I got tired, hungry and needed to sit down. I got to the point of knitting my scarf where I have to add the next ball of wool. I left it on the sofa where I thought that the cats wouldn’t touch it. I just managed to stop Mister knocking it off the knitting needle. He decided that he simply must paw the scarf because he seemed to like the feel of it. I wouldn’t have caught him if I hadn’t been sat on the sofa when he decided to grab at it. That has taken me over a fortnight but could have been destroyed by the cat in a few minutes. Then I’d have nothing to show for my chosen lockdown activity. Also, I would feel like I have wasted many hours. I only have to sit down on my bed and a cat (yes, normally Mister) plonks himself down on my feet. Mimi has a claim on one of her favourite spots on my bed. They’ve fallen asleep. I may join them soon as I could have ‘an early night’ due to the time only being just passed 8 pm. I would normally feel ashamed at falling asleep in day clothes (one’s I haven’t been outside in – to those that will say I’m playing roulette with the virus risk) but, as everything is not ‘normal’ at the moment, I feel like it’s okay. I wouldn’t do it every single day but why get up if you’re comfortable and can reset your awful sleep pattern? I’m even drinking water which is unusual for me. I have made an effort to drink more water. I have less caffeine in my system due to replacing my normal tea or soda consumption with water. I don’t think that I can be truly boring by cutting out tea and soda altogether. I have tea without sugar while I’m at home nowadays. I need to work on sleeping properly and more hours in one go… this doesn’t come easy to me regardless of how hard I try to ‘fix it’.

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