Odd day :/

I have felt really ill all day. I have a migraine and hay fever symptoms but also feel hot so hoping I haven’t got the virus on top. I didn’t get any more housework done because I had to sleep due to my head being extremely painful. I had my open university tutorial but was the only one that turned up. Our last TMA was cancelled and we have technically completed all required work this year. I got a one to one tutorial that didn’t take as long which was good for my migraine. If I’m going to carry on next year then all the tutorials I can attend to make up my mind will be helpful. I keep getting told that my work is a reasonable standard to be able to pass by both my personal tutor and the one I have for my tutorial. Apparently, the structure and framework errors aren’t a major deal. I’m told that with practice most people learn the required formats and end up doing them naturally without thinking about it. I know what I’m doing wrong but can’t fix it yet. I feel slightly better than earlier. I just had a bath with a bit of vicks vapour rub added. I was drinking water most of the day. I’m hoping that everything I have done finally makes me feel better eventually. I can’t even think straight yet so I’m going to log off.