Migraine… second early night ….

I didn’t manage to get all my housework done. There is still a lot of dust around which isn’t helping my allergies. I’m just too tired to do anything else today. I still have a migraine. I’ve been drinking water throughout today so hopefully I will wake up without a migraine tomorrow. I had a Himalayan salt bath tonight. I feel relaxed enough to sleep. I went for a short walk to get my next prescription. That is all sorted for another month now. I washed my hair so that is all clean for another week. I have my open university tutorial tomorrow evening. I chucked away the painkillers so I have to get rid of my headache with water and sleep. I’m still feeling bloated but that is caused by my monthly. That has at least behaved itself today. I even went for a walk without ending up in a mess. I’m glad but it’s not the norm which is why I still have a little bloat left. I hope that once painkillers get out of my system my headache, eye bags and bloat will go away. I look like I haven’t slept in weeks. I’ve not slept properly in a long time and it’s starting to show on my face.