I’m feeling horrendous today. Resting on the sofa until I feel better.

I managed a few hours sleep this morning but I don’t feel like I’ve actually had any sleep though. I woke up in a complete mess and had to shove everything in the washing machine. I also had to have a bath because the mess was all over me too.  I feel fat because my bloated stomach is twice it’s normal size today. I’m resting on my sofa sipping water occasionally hoping that I start to feel a bit better soon. I probably won’t until tomorrow because that’s always the case when my monthlies kick off. I can’t move far today. I took my medication to stop the bleeding which seems to have worked but I’m not moving around much. If I walked down the road today then it probably would just flood again.  I got my smear test reminder telling me I was overdue for the test. I was aware that I needed to go before the lockdown. Apparently, the GP is still doing them.  I think that I may have a problem. If I can rule out cancer at least I can relax about a lesser issue. I need to know because I’m feeling ill a lot and my monthlies are worse than they’ve ever been. It’s consistently doing exactly the same pattern every month now. A member of my family has just passed away from breast cancer so I’m not sure about my risk factor. I have felt that things have been a bit dodgy for at least a year now. I’ve always had these monthly issues but they’re even more erratic recently. I also feel tired a lot even when I do sleep properly. I’m probably not going to be lucky if I have got cancer in regards to treatment. The referrals take few months or weeks if do find anything. Lockdown has stopped a lot of cancer treatments and hospitals aren’t safe to be in right now due to the virus outbreak.