Sunday cleaning, well trying…

I have been out to get food for the week. I just made it to the shop after getting up late. I missed my medication by accident because I forgot to take it after I got up. I woke up with both my cats having fallen asleep on top of me. It felt like being under a weighted blanket. Killing Eve is on tonight. Villanelle look alike right here 🙂 . I’m doing housework now so that I’m free at that time. Well, trying to do housework. I just cleaned the kitchen floor with a mixture of floor cleaner, disinfectant and bleach. I’ve shut the door while waiting for the floor to dry. However, Mister (cat) is going a little nuts due to the bleach smell. He tried to open the door but gave up and has now rolled over outside just laying where he can smell the bleach smell. He also has an obsession with my slippers because the bottoms smell of bleach. We still have the bathroom floor to do after the other one has dried. The weather is fine but he doesn’t seem to want to go out. Mimi has decided to go out but I have to keep moving him out the rooms I’m cleaning.

I’m watching the television in between doing things. I somehow feel comforted by the state of the celebrities eyebrows. Mine are starting to sprout quite badly. They will be bushy by the time the lockdown is reviewed. I’m going to let nature just take over apart from the middle part which I tweeze out to prevent mono brow.

Confused, tired and awake at a stupid hour.

I’ve just finished an open university unit. I’m still awake at a stupid hour. I’m confused with whether we are required to do the last tutor marked assignment because we were told that our electronically marked assignment was cancelled due to covid-19. They’ve changed the wording to TMA04 in some places but it still refers to the ema in other parts of questions and advice article. I will get it confirmed at the next online tutorial in a few days. I’m too tired to do much at the moment. I’m hoping that I get some sleep tonight but my sleep pattern is a complete mess since the lockdown. It wasn’t great before the lockdown. I didn’t think that it could get any more erratic but I think that I’m more nocturnally programmed now than pre lockdown. The cats even go to sleep before me. They are nocturnal creatures. I’m worried about the virus. That is something we are all probably worrying about right now. I am afraid of accidentally catching it or losing people who are friends or family. I don’t want to be dramatic here but there are going to be so many lives affected by the virus deaths. In some respects, things won’t be the same for many people that lose loved ones to this outbreak. It’s hard to settle for all of us right now because there are so many things unknown about the future. The current circumstances have taught us that we take far too much for granted. I’m hoping that permanent changes happen as a result of the current circumstances. I would like to see us being kinder to each other, society to be more flexible for those of us with disabilities and changes in the structure to how we live our lives. There has to be a revolution which is positive after this unprecedented situation.