I’m confused. I can’t get used to life right now.

The way that the corona virus outbreak has affected life in general. I’m more lost than normal and I don’t go out much anyway. The sadness that loads of people are feeling world wide because of the destruction this virus is ravaging in its path is quite difficult for those of us that are naturally intuitive. I hate seeing so much suffering. I can’t even put my mind off of it because we are all restricted. I pick up others thoughts because they’re stuck inside thinking and worrying about what is our current reality. They don’t mean to broadcast their thoughts to those of us with abilities but this happens automatically. Most of those that do unintentionally spread their thoughts psychically don’t believe that it’s even possible. Those that do believe in psychic abilities make a conscious decision to not release their thoughts and feelings into the open where anyone sensitive may receive them. I’m quite transparent when it comes to letting others pick up my thoughts. I know that it can be done by those that are intuitive but haven’t mastered how to actually block my thoughts from being accessed yet. I’m trying to go out for a walk every day just to get some fresh air. I put music in my ears and that gives me a break because I’m literally not thinking about whatever. I’m tired. I need to tidy my home environment. I have done bits but it still looks a complete mess. I’m not happy with my knitting but I don’t want to take it all apart as I feel like I’ve wasted my time messing it up. I don’t like the mistakes that I made and the perfectionist in me wants to discard the current attempt. I can undo it all and start again because I haven’t cast off yet. I only learnt to knit a year ago. I try not to be too hard on myself but I feel that I shouldn’t be making mistakes any longer.

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