A few quiet days… Stayed home :)

I went for a walk after 4 days of staying inside. I don’t feel too great at the moment so I went for a walk and carried my weekly food shop back with me. I keep getting a headache, hay fever and am always tired. I haven’t felt like walking. I spent 4 days doing things at home, knitting, colouring, reading etc. The cats aren’t used to me being around so much. I’m not sure if they think I’m in the way or they’re enjoying my presence, it’s hard to tell with cats. I get looked at by them funny sometimes. I’m feeling quite chilled despite having a stuffy head and sore throat. I’m hoping it’s not the coronavirus. Hay fever is a natural occurrence for me at certain times of the year. I don’t have consistent symptoms so I’m doubtful that it’s anything but hay fever. Eyebrows have started to go a bit bushy. They don’t look that awful yet. I’m making sure that they don’t meet in the middle by plucking that part regularly. I’m currently cuddled up in my bed with Mimi next to me. Mister decided he wanted to go outside so we are chilling together without being disturbed by any hyper antics from him. He can burn off his energy outside rather than running around here like a mad thing knocking things over and trying to jump on Mimi. I need sleep so I’m logging off now.