Lockdown night activities. Living my best life here.

I decided to start knitting a scarf during the night. I had to stop after a 4 hours knitting session because my fingers were quite sore. I actually have backache too from sitting in one position for hours. I just clicked it and now it’s feeling less stiff. I am quite tired now. I had to fix a part of the scarf that I messed up when my fingers were getting sore. I had to stop before I started making more of a mess with stitches. I didn’t sleep again during the night but still living my best life right now. We all need to try make the best of this lockdown. I will catch up on sleep after posting this entry. It is Easter Sunday  which equals a day of resting to me. I’m not religious but any excuse to sleep a lot is one I’m going to use. The cat has decided that he wants to be hyper right now so I may not get sleep until he wears himself out.