I tried to be productive …. I got some things done.

I cleaned the kitchen today. That is a huge achievement after waking up exhausted. I went out to get a few bits like milk and bread etc. I had to ask another customer to get something from the top shelf of the shops display. I wish that they would put things in reach of those of us on the shorter side. I have been known to climb up onto the lowest shelf to reach the stuff they’ve put higher. There was no way I would have done that around displays of products in glass bottles. I’m too clumsy to risk that action. I wanted a peaceful day without any potential disasters.

I also avoided getting splashed in the face when I cleaned my cars window screen while I was out. Last time I had the drivers window slightly open and water came through there consequently hitting me in my face and all over my arm. I made sure that I had closed the windows this time. I had to clean the window screen because the infrequent use of my car right now means that dust accumulated on the window. Also, I was parked in the car park where there was a tree overhanging so it could be tree sap. The birds had certainly decided that it was something to do they business on. It was all over the bonnet and a bit down the the passenger door. The fact that I only washed it a few weeks ago makes it even more irritating. I had no where else to park when I got home otherwise I wouldn’t have chosen to leave it in that space for a week.

Finally, I managed to do a huge chunk of my module units this evening. I’ve now caught up and can chill for the Easter break. I made myself catch up this week because I hadn’t done any last week. I’m finding it difficult to be motivated when I no longer feel the subject is for me. I’m making myself complete this module. Then I will consider my options.

I’ve attempted to drink more water. So far  I’m doing better than expected in that department. It does help that right now I am literally drinking water when I’m bored. That is a better option than eating when bored. I have now managed to get a flatter stomach without increasing the amount of exercise I do. Water does make you feel better. I’m still tired a lot but that’s more down to my sleep difficulties.

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