Awake at a stupid hour :(

I didn’t get to sleep until stupidly late. On a positive note… the washing machine is working after I spent the majority of last night separating everything to get the loads less heavy. One load has just spun and the other has been drying for a few hours. I woke up about half 6 this morning. The cat was a bit hyper running around chasing his sister. He has finally fallen asleep on my bed. I guess he has worn himself out running around like a mad thing. Mimi has gone outside so he can’t chase her at the moment. I have so much housework to do but extremely tired. I don’t know how I woke up so early after not sleeping until nearly 5am. The weather is quite warm which also may have woken me up. I’m sure the cats antics had a lot to do with me waking up at a stupid hour. He’s now asleep next to me and would not be happy if I woke him up. I haven’t done my university module in a few days. The whole week has gone quickly. Lockdown times obviously don’t drag as much as expected. I’m glad that I’m able to still go out for a walk otherwise that would be difficult. Luckily I’m not under the 12 week self isolate instructions. Autism doesn’t make me physically vulnerable to the virus. It doesn’t put me at high risk of complications. Our sentences will end at some point. In prison that was what everyone told each other to keep in their head. Our community restrictions by the virus outbreak will end. That has to be our focus in order to get through however long we are in this position. You’re going to have dark frustrating unpleasant days at certain points but you will get to the point of regaining freedom and some form of normality. The exact point of that scenario is undetermined at this point but it will come eventually.

The days are rolling into one. And, random annoyances.

I am starting to feel like every day is continuously running concurrently with each other. I have an erratic sleep pattern but the lockdown makes it feel more stressful. People are awake at all hours because they aren’t working due to the circumstances etc. I end up talking to others online at a stupid hour. I haven’t slept until 4am or later the last few weeks. I don’t wake up until after midday. I went for a long walk earlier today.  I needed a break from inside. I also had enough of the issues with my washing machine. It seems to have thrown up the normal error and even after being off a few hours still refuses to work. The motor goes on but the various functions don’t work. I’m leaving it off until morning. I am hoping that by then the computer system has started working again. If it doesn’t then I will need to make alternative arrangements for washing my clothes until I either get it fixed or replaced. The lockdown is probably going to cause that process to be longer than normal. I can’t get into the machine myself because the entrance to the pipe it’s complaining about is at the back. I’d have to move it before being able to get into it.  Then it says that it is too full. It definitely wasn’t too full but the washing is heavy due to being wet which probably confuses the programming. I’m probably going to take half of it out then it can’t throw up the e40 error.