I’m better today but still tired.

I woke up feeling better earlier this afternoon. I’m still quite tired but only got a runny nose now. I don’t even have a headache any longer. That’s a good thing as I’ve had one that’s lingered for weeks. I had to clean both litter trays today because when we got up the cats decided to chose a tray each to do their massive … . They have never done that before. The trays were due to be cleaned tomorrow anyway. I am now chilling on my bed with Mimi laying next to me. I feel a bit sick after dealing with that task. I found it hard to actually not feel exhausted in the middle of cleaning the litter trays. I also had to go out to the car for a bag of litter which seemed to feel much heavier than normal. I only feel exhausted now. The symptoms I had last night have gone. But this is what happened with my sore throat weeks ago. I’ve had jaw ache for weeks now which may have caused my headache. I don’t know why but I seem to pop out my jaw on one side occasionally. That is a normal part of my life. I can also pop out my toe too but I don’t due to how painful my muscles cramp around it. It’s hard to avoid popping out my jaw because I have to eat etc. I’m falling asleep so I need to log off now.