Life is weird right now but this different kind of normal is starting to feel better.

There are definitely some things that I will never be okay long term in regards to the new normal. However, I’m getting used to certain aspects that seem more pleasant. The fact that things are more online based is good for those of us with anxiety. For example: after normality resumes, exercise classes can have a link-up to online class facilities alongside live, in-person groups. This will be more inclusive for people who are housebound or have conditions like autism. The same goes for craft classes and even adult education classes. It could all be possible because we have had to install the infrastructure during the virus outbreak. The number of jobs that could be done from home could be a long-term consideration for many positions.

On a personal level I’ve literally stated my own sleep schedule. I am sleeping mostly during the day but I don’t feel too stressed out due to the outside world being on lockdown conditions. However, I will be quite annoyed with those flouting the rules who  may end up getting everyone banned from even going for a walk.

I actually feel quite chilled at this point. I can work to my own schedule without having to be somewhere at a certain time etc. We all need to use this time out to properly chill away from the influence of others. I talk to people online and on the phone. They aren’t in my space though. I’m sure that those who are extremely busy due to what is going on will appreciate if we are careful so that the madness is over quicker.

I’ve managed to do some washing and put clean sheets on my bed. The washing machine has been refusing to work again but after a few hours of being off the issue was corrected.   Every so often it decides to throw a wobbly by bringing up the error code E40 and refusing to work near the end of a cycle.

The major task of washing my hair is now done for another week. The thickness and length makes it quite a task to manage. I don’t use the shower because it dries out my hair. Instead, I put my head under the taps in the bathroom sink to rinse off products. Three stages takes me about an hour. Shampoo, conditioner and finally deep protein moisture treatment. I use the herbal version of Mane and Tail (supposed to encourage growth). Then I leave Mayraki hair treatment in my hair for half an hour before rinsing it off. The knotting while it’s drying is quite bad at the moment. The amount of hair plus the fact that it dries naturally wavy means the ends spiral into each other while air drying. I have to comb and separate the knots with my fingers otherwise I would damage the ends.

I did a bit of my open university module eventually but it seemed a huge amount of effort.

I vacuumed and diluted bleached cleaned a lot of surfaces because it was looking messy/ a bit grubby. Considering I got up about 5pm I still managed to be quite productive. I didn’t sleep until 6am because my sleep pattern is more out of sync than normal.