V for Vendetta. It hasn’t got to that state yet, thankfully.

I was stuck for a title of the blog. I happened to turn on the v for vendetta film on the Sony movie channel. Thankfully, we haven’t quite got to that point yet. Some parts of the system are starting to verge towards that way but luckily not completely. But, weirdly enough (never watched the film previously), I was going to call my son Evie if he had been a girl. I also refer to someone as just A in private unless it’s not appropriate. She’s the dark figure who caused me a lot of trouble and pain. V may have been a man in the film but he’s still a dark figure that brings trouble. It’s basically activist code instead of saying someone’s full name. Therefore, when shit goes wrong, we aren’t giving away the participants of any particular activist event that potentially could cause anyone involved in trouble. I can see why people were speculating that the government released covid-19. I’m not commenting but remember there is currently no cure, all the nhs workers can do is put you on a machine and your body either fights it or succumbs to the virus. Regardless of the source of the coronavirus, no one should be thinking that they can take on nature by being careless. Also, another weird thing is that many of us with intuitive abilities felt that something major was coming around Christmas/ new year time. It was just a feeling. I remember mentioning something about it on here as we were approaching 2020.

I went for a long walk today. The open university also sent me an email to inform me that our Electronic Marked Assignment (EMA) due in June is cancelled. This means that our mark will be based on our Tutor marked assignments scores throughout the year. We have been given an option to defer but I just want to get the last TMA out the way. I think that we only have one left. I’m still finding the subject not for me. The decision not to continue with that degree subject after this year is pretty much made in my head. I don’t feel that I will change my mind.