How long is this weirdness going to last?

I went for a walk earlier after it got dark. I still can’t get used to how weird things are right now. This existence that the virus outbreak has thrust upon us is not natural. I went into the town on my walk. The shops, pubs etc all had closure signs up quoting Covid 19 and imposed government restrictions. Then they’re telling us not to go out even in the warm sunny weather this weekend. I only plan to go for a walk. However, even though I understand the guidelines I still feel like I’m doing the wrong thing. I have to get out a few times a week for a walk to keep sane. I don’t have a mask so I’m not fully protected. I know that the U.K. have told us that we aren’t required to wear a mask if we go for a walk. I just feel that by not having a mask it will be totally my fault if I somehow catch the virus. I will feel extremely irresponsible due to not taking that precaution. I’m seeing more and more people wearing them.

I’m not feeling well but that is my normal migraines. I just had an Epsom salt bath. I feel less achy but still got the heavy tired feeling. Those of us that have other health problems probably won’t know if they catch the virus. I’ve had worse migraines previously so I’m not worried. I’m always tired. That is basically my normal state. I have a swollen leg again. The dodgy knee has decided to kick off again. I got cramp in the other leg this morning. I drank water most of the day to get rid of my migraine.