Migraines :(

I am sure that I’m having more stress migraines at the moment. I keep getting them on and off. I literally don’t need to be stressed. I have a totally legit excuse not to socially interact with others. That should be less stressful for me. I have given myself stomach ache due to drinking a can of cider. I am a complete lightweight. I’m not sure also if I react badly to pear cider. It’s not so strong tasting but my body seems to be kicking off. I don’t drink a lot. However, many people seem to be buying alcohol in this current situation. We need something to help us relax. I’m not a huge fan of the taste but I know that cider is strong. This means I won’t need much to feel chilled. I only drank a can but feel like I’ve been smacked around the head. That wasn’t my desired result but I’m relaxed alongside it.

I managed not to forget my medication today. I feel absolutely no better about the whole weirdness of life at the moment. I don’t think even antidepressants would help people adjust to the current circumstances. I need to get out for a walk tomorrow before the walls start to feel suffocating. I need proper fresh air. I went out in the car to get my supplies today but  having the window open and walking from the car isn’t the same.