Half asleep and feeling wound up with what is happening.

I need to get supplies in the morning. I’m just hoping that I can get what I need. It’s stressing me out trying to get every day essentials but not being able to get them. The toilet roll situation is still ridiculous at times. Somehow they seem to be the one item that people are panic buying. Please do not buy more than you need because it’s getting irritating. There wasn’t much milk left the other day when I went to the local coop. I only just managed to get one of four that were left in the fridge. I’ve heard that some of the supermarkets have  ridiculously long queues now that they are limiting how many go in at one time. That is why I’ve been going the smaller shops. They still had that system but the queue wasn’t that long. I just want to get what I need without the stress. I refuse to fall out with anyone over trying to get food or toilet roll. I can see fights starting if there is only one thing left but two or more people want it. How can we relax and buy what we normally buy when the shelves are less stocked than normal circumstances?

I’ve lost a bit of weight without even trying because this whole lockdown situation is stressing me out. I haven’t been for a daily walk each day but I get wound up just by watching the television. The news is now actually starting to mentally exhaust me. We need to know updates on the virus situation but after two weeks it’s far too much. I forgot to take my medication for the last two days which hasn’t helped me remain sane under these conditions. I genuinely forgot due to sleeping until later in the day and only just realised. I was getting fed up before I forgot to take my medication though. The little things that we aren’t able to do at the moment or other abnormalities in daily life can be more difficult to cope with than the bigger issues. I just don’t want to hear the news any more. I just want to be able to go to get supplies without fear of long queues and not being able to get certain things. The worse part is the constant mention of coronavirus on television. There are times  that I just need to disconnect from the madness of the crisis this virus has unleashed. The news just endlessly updates the situation but solutions to the issues being raised are not happening. There needs to be less endless talking and more action. Talking isn’t going to help right now. Actions need to be taken to fix the issues being repeatedly reported on the news.