Lockdown starting to negatively affect me.

I have been awake all night again. I am getting more out of sync since the lockdown situation started. I feel how unsettled everyone is in regard to how long we might be in this lockdown. A three month estimate seemingly has turned into a six month prediction. The weirdness of this existence is even getting to me. I’m used to not going out much but it’s not natural to see a mass amount of places closed. The whole reality of what we have always known has been changed by the restrictions to stop the virus being spread.  The system of queuing outside supermarkets is an alien concept now. It seems unnatural to stand outside until you’re called in. The last time I did that kind of thing was at school and college. I’ve only been to get food once since the laws were passed. The new measures make me feel anxious. It’s nice not to have as many people around but everything else feels wrong. I feel like we are suspended in an alternative world exactly like our own but also completely the opposite to everything we have known to be reality.