Weird days :/ The air is starting to even smell different.

The days seem weird right now. I went out for a walk this evening. There was literally no one about. It was extremely quiet; most of the time like a ghost town. I hadn’t been out for a walk in three days. I only briefly popped out for milk etc yesterday but used my car. I didn’t really go outside apart from in the queue outside the local supermarket.

I managed to feel things while walking for an hour tonight. The shops that are normally open late are closed by 8pm. I feel like I’ve walked back in time to the mid 90s when I was a child and the shops closed by 9pm. The air is starting to smell different. There is less of a pollution tinge.   I know that it sounds rather odd. I remember the smell of the air when I was at my nana’s house, five years old at the most. The air smelt just like back then (early 90s). The air smelt different after approximately the year 2000. These are extremely weird times but maybe we should change our way of life permanently. Things have changed a lot since the smells have changed in the air. Since many countries have gone into lockdown the hole in the ozone has apparently shrunk. China has now started business as usual so their pollution sources has now started building again. Maybe opening times should be permanently like they are during lockdown. It used to be okay in the 90s before lots of things went 24 hours. We didn’t start seeing the pollution problem before places were allowed to open long hours or 24/7. We could put changes in place as we all come out of lockdown.