This lockdown is making me tired.

I am constantly tired at the moment. I started colouring a very detailed art therapy magazine page. I had a glass of cider to chill out for the evening. That seems to have made me feel extremely tired. I was literally nodding off so had to go for a lay down. I’m even more of a lightweight nowadays than I’ve ever been previously. I bought a two litre bottle so I have to drink it regularly to stop it going flat. I only had half a glass this evening. Yes knocked me flat on my face. There is something about this lockdown which just zaps energy and leaves you drained so easily. I was challenged enough in that department before this happened. I haven’t bothered to straighten my hair get because I just can’t summon the energy. The cats are already asleep. They seem to have wanted to sleep all day. I did a stupid  lockdown fail earlier. I took my car out to get a few a few bits that I needed. I was driving home when I decided to clean the window screen due to the grubbiness. I forgot that I had the windows slightly open and ended up with freezing cold water splashing in my face. It woke me up for a bit at three least.