This lockdown is making me tired.

I am constantly tired at the moment. I started colouring a very detailed art therapy magazine page. I had a glass of cider to chill out for the evening. That seems to have made me feel extremely tired. I was literally nodding off so had to go for a lay down. I’m even more of a lightweight nowadays than I’ve ever been previously. I bought a two litre bottle so I have to drink it regularly to stop it going flat. I only had half a glass this evening. Yes knocked me flat on my face. There is something about this lockdown which just zaps energy and leaves you drained so easily. I was challenged enough in that department before this happened. I haven’t bothered to straighten my hair get because I just can’t summon the energy. The cats are already asleep. They seem to have wanted to sleep all day. I did a stupid  lockdown fail earlier. I took my car out to get a few a few bits that I needed. I was driving home when I decided to clean the window screen due to the grubbiness. I forgot that I had the windows slightly open and ended up with freezing cold water splashing in my face. It woke me up for a bit at three least.

Apologies for earlier post but it has to be plainly stated, now we move on.

I apologise for my earlier rant about stupid people not taking any notice of the coronavirus as a serious issue. Someone had to put it as brutally straight forward as possible. We are all having a shit time with the whole being instructed to stay home rules. I’m lucky that I haven’t been instructed on medical grounds to stay in for 12 weeks. I have a cold that I’m not sure about so I may have to stay in for two or three weeks. I haven’t even been for a walk since Thursday. I wasn’t sure if my cold was anything more so I didn’t risk even going for a walk. I need fresh air at some point despite having my window open a lot. I will need milk soon so I have to go get supplies. I can’t get anything delivered at the moment due to the huge demand occurring after the government told everyone to get food delivered if possible. I can get to the shops for things even on my walks. I feel that others who physically can’t get to the shops should have that service. I’m only afraid if I develop the virus symptoms and can’t leave home.

After just 3 days of not going out for a walk I’m getting restless. I’ve felt lost over the last couple of days because things just seem odd right now. This isn’t normality for any of us. We have never experienced anything like this situation. We are locked down for a few months. Other countries aren’t even allowed out for exercise after being in lockdown for a few weeks. A few months feels like a long time after only a week of living under these restrictions. I think that our government will probably take the exercise option off the list soon due to people abusing the privilege. That is something that will drive me crazy. That is why I was ranting about stupid people not taking the situation seriously. They’re the types who get everyone put on further restrictions. Why should we all suffer because of the stupidity of a few?

Most of us are being sensible sticking to the restrictions. We are all in this together. Unfortunately we have to live alongside the stupid idiots who are either taking risks or arguing over lack of resources. It’s not going to make the lockdown go any quicker. Life is far from ideal but all we can do is just roll with the current predicament that we find ourselves in. We technically don’t have a choice but to hope that things go back to some form of normality in a few months. It may take longer but we have to keep focusing on the fact that lockdown will end at some point. I don’t sleep much at the best of times. I’m worried but that isn’t going to change what will be. In my own life I have firmly held on to things refusing to let go. In the end you’re just fighting yourself to let go of the things you can’t control. This is something that we can’t control. We just have to somehow survive these circumstances over however many months it lasts.