This is your potential death if you catch coronavirus. Please reshare and retweet.

The virus is no joke. People have to be aware of certain unpleasant details involved with coronavirus. Those that are not being careful and still taking it as some kind of joke need to be told in the most brutal way possible. That is an area of which I am naturally skilled.

I don’t want to scare anyone but those that aren’t taking it seriously, potentially spreading the virus without being aware, need to have fear instilled in them in order to realise that this is serious. The death that you will experience with this coronavirus is similar to that of COPD. Those that die will literally drown in the fluid of their own lungs. There can be extreme pain and distress in the hours before someone actually passes away. This is one of the worst ways a person can die. Those walking around being stupid, coughing on people, gathering in groups and still going to see friends/family. I have seen the reality of the horrors that coronavirus causes first hand when my dad was ill before he passed away when I was 21. He was on oxygen for many years before he passed away, in and out of hospital probably at least once a year in the later stages of his COPD.

Fortunately, my dad escaped the death that many experience with COPD. He died of heart failure (at home watching his trains programmes) and was thus spared from its potentially awful ending. Coronavirus is avoidable. Why would any sane person take stupid risks when they could end up like the above worse case scenario? The younger generation thought they were safe but even some of that age group have succumbed to this potentially fatal virus. I hope that I can get people to listen.

I’m not wanting to scare anyone but some people need to be told in the most brutally realistic way possible. Do you want to inflict that kind of death and suffering onto your friends or family? Do you want that kind of suffering if you develop more than the mild symptoms? There is no guarantee that even if you have mild symptoms initially that it will stay at that level. This particular virus can make someone with mild symptoms develop more severe symptoms in a matter of hours. The risks that people have been taking isn’t worth the potential consequences.

I have now finished my public safety announcement; feel free to share or retweet.