Tired, don’t want to move today.

I’m reluctantly awake. I would rather go back to sleep but I have so much to do before the official lockdown laws are passed tomorrow. I have to be in front of things rather than chasing my own tail, as I normally function. I have a cat laying next to me cleaning itself. They have such a wonderful chilled out life. I wish that I could sleep most of the day with food on demand. I am very tired from lack of sleep. I’m sure that I’m not the only one laying awake worrying what will happen over the coming months. 2020 has been dominated by the virus spreading around the world. This proves my point exactly about repeated numbers not always being positive signs. I’ve been seeing them everywhere for a decade now. I started to notice them more after my son was born. Then the amount I saw on a daily basis increased rapidly. I’ve seen them a stupid amount of time’s on a daily basis at the moment. I refuse to be afraid of these repeated numbers. I used to be but now I accept them and they therefore do not but me. I’m still not a fan of certain numbers like 555. I can never like that number. I like 444, in fact I read up up that page of 1984 last night. I didn’t even consciously stop at the page 444. I just read until I was feeling sleepy then realised the number. I keep seeing 1717 on my mobiles click. I happen to check my phone at that precise time nearly every day.

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