I asked the tarot cards something that continues to bug me.

I always wondered why someone just didn’t seem to like me. That continues to bug me and affects my confidence in a negative way. The cards that came out was quite interesting and they made some sense. I am apparently too open and direct. I apologise but if I pretended to be the opposite then I wouldn’t be authentic as a person. I tried to make myself into something that they could like a while ago. I now realise that those decisions do not make me happy. I wanted to do the law degree but I also thought that by doing a degree in the same subject as they had would get them to like me. I’ve now grown up and realised that I can never make another person like me. Copying aspects of another persons life decisions definitely won’t work. I don’t have the right skills to be successful in a law degree. I have discovered this problem in the first year. I’m also not intellectual. We are so far opposite to each other that if we did make friends we would constantly clash. I never wanted to accept that when I met them. I thought that I could change to ‘fit their mould’ so that they would eventually accept me. That’s never going to happen. I checked the cards to see if things ever changed regarding the order and the situation as it stands. The cards confirmed that nothing will ever change, the order will stay on and things will be left as they finished. I’m no longer upset about things being that way. Some people are only meant to cross our paths to help us discover who we are as a person. That is what she was in my life. We were never meant to be friends. Maybe the events that happened was the roles we were meant to have in each other’s life. If it’s not meant to be any other way then I could never have forced events any other way. The more that a person pushes against how it’s meant to be, you just end up against more resistance because the future isn’t meant to be how you prefer. It no longer hurts me but I always wondered and had unanswered questions.

2 thoughts on “I asked the tarot cards something that continues to bug me.

  1. Striving to be what someone else wants so they might want you never works, so I’m glad you’ve come to that realisation; you sound much more at peace and moved on. You have a future now.

    I still think you shouldn’t give up on the law degree. Just because you’ve moved on from your encounter doesn’t mean you need to give up everything you’ve learnt: life experiences often mean new skills and changes of direction along the way. You lack confidence because of what happened in both your recent and distant past, but you’ve proven you are capable of doing this degree. I think you should see where it takes you. It may build up that confidence of yours, but worst case there’s no loss.


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