Welcome to lock down mode. We all have to suffer due to idiots that didn’t take the government advice voluntarily!

The prime minister of the U.K. has just announced that we rate now in lockdown mode. I will be going back home soon and staying there. I wasn’t at home when the announcement was on television. I was sorting out family before the lockdown was made official. I even washed my car at their house because it was quite dirty. If we are going to be locked down for at least 3 weeks then my car is now sorted. I had to get a headlight and returned the broken vacuum cleaner. I’m stocked up for at least the next week in regards to most of my food supplies. I will probably need milk before anything else. We are allowed one daily walk. I can get the milk from a local shop while on my daily walk.

I’m presuming that we will draw negative attention if we are seen out more than once a day. I don’t want to be fined over any misunderstandings. I don’t trust the local police not to abuse the new powers they’ve been given tonight.  As I’ve said previously, I’ve experienced the governments abuse of powers due to my personal circumstances and know how brutally awful it can be. I tried to pre warn all those that were treating the restrictions as non compulsory (going to the beach and other tourist attractions), and now we have exactly what I warned them might happen. We now have these restrictions for the next 3 weeks, maybe more after the decision is reviewed.