Things just break on me!

Remember I said that I had an accident prone streak? I managed to fix the vacuum cleaner last time but today it literally snapped in half on me. I tried to tape it back together but it’s not fixable. I managed to use it to a certain point but it doesn’t pick a lot up in that state. I was just using it normally. Then it snaps half way through vacuuming my flat. The pipe came unstuck from the carrier. I presume that it was stuck together with some kind of glue that has now lost its bond. I’m really not that rough with things. That vacuum cleaner was a pain within 6 months of purchasing it. I only fixed it recently after it decided to get stuck up the other week.

I’m hoping that I get all the items in my food shop tomorrow when it’s delivered. The toilet roll wasn’t available last time I ordered my main shop. Also, if there is enough stock for all the orders then why when I logged on to check the status of my order did it say they’ve sold out for Monday and Tuesday deliveries? It doesn’t make any sense. They’re telling us that there is enough food in the warehouses but then you look online and there are absolutely no delivery slots available due to stock issues. I just want to be able to get what I need for just myself (I don’t eat a lot). I feel guilty buying anything at the moment due to others missing out. I don’t want to be the reason why another person misses out. I looked at a mother with a child when I popped in the other day. She was struggling to find food and I felt like handing her the bread etc that I had picked up. Those of us doing the sensible thing shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for buying the things that we need.

I also don’t like the fact that myself and the rest of the millennial generation  are getting told that we have to be the ones to learn to behave properly. I’ve witnessed the older generation being somewhat worse during this crisis. We all need to behave including the older generations also taking risks and being selfish. It’s not fair that the millennials get labelled negatively at any opportunity the news coverage allows. The baby boomer and generation x can be just as selfish and downright rude. I may have been born into the millennial generation but I’m not at all like your average millennial. Unlike generation’s that came before us, we don’t  constantly blame generation z who was born after us.