Stir fry crazy after just a day.

I got a migraine today. I decided to try a drill for self isolation. In case that I actually get the virus I had to prepare myself for not being able to go out at all. I get migraines anyway so today consisted of just sleeping until that was better and also drinking water when I was awake. There’s absolutely no way I will be remain sane after 12 weeks of this lifestyle. I’m not even a social person. I went to sleep to get some form of escape and hoped for an entertaining dream. I could have done my  university assignment but my head hurt too much. I will definitely be finished by the deadline date (25th) because I have nearly finished question 2. Question 3 won’t take long. Checking through the whole document for errors and dodgy written grammar will probably take longer than completing the last question. I can’t function with a migraine so would have just sat there looking at the screen getting absolutely no where. The cats have decided that they’re comfortable remaining asleep on my bed. They’ve been on there all afternoon and a bit of the morning. I joined them for a while but even I can’t sleep that much. They got up to ask me for food when I got up earlier. They’ve been happy snoozing on the bed ever since they finished their dinner. They will probably want to be let out when I go to bed for the night.