Today is just not going to plan.

I have lots of things to do but I am not feeling up to anything today. I’m hoping that my medication kicks m soon. I cannot keep bleeding that heavily any longer because I started feeling light headed. I have probably lost a percentage of iron because I can feel my joints aching. I couldn’t stay awake earlier either. I went back to sleep for a while after getting up to eat and have my medication. I was hoping that when I slept it would give the medication time to start working. I woke up exhausted. I don’t have the energy to contend with the potential of flooding today. I took the first dose of that medication last night and again this morning. It’s had a while to start to work. It can take up to 24 hours on average but I’m hoping that it doesn’t take that long. I think my assignment is due in on 23rd. I have two questions left to answer. I can’t stay tired because I never feel like doing anything.