Frustrated right now… illness and trying to get things from the outside world is still proving difficult.

I have taken my medication three times over the last 24 hours to try to stop my monthly being stupidly heavy, but it’s not working at the moment. I am not able to move far. I managed to go out in the car but walking is quite risky right now. I am sitting on newspaper because I’m that unsure whether it’s going to flood again. The medication normally has stopped it by now. The supermarkets are still running out of things due to people stock piling. The supermarkets aren’t closing and regularly keep restocking so there is absolutely no need to go crazy. I’m only buying things that I need at the moment. I still have aches in my joints and tired so I’m hoping my medication works soon because I can’t lose anymore blood. I already can’t function as it’s starting to mess with my head.

Today is just not going to plan.

I have lots of things to do but I am not feeling up to anything today. I’m hoping that my medication kicks m soon. I cannot keep bleeding that heavily any longer because I started feeling light headed. I have probably lost a percentage of iron because I can feel my joints aching. I couldn’t stay awake earlier either. I went back to sleep for a while after getting up to eat and have my medication. I was hoping that when I slept it would give the medication time to start working. I woke up exhausted. I don’t have the energy to contend with the potential of flooding today. I took the first dose of that medication last night and again this morning. It’s had a while to start to work. It can take up to 24 hours on average but I’m hoping that it doesn’t take that long. I think my assignment is due in on 23rd. I have two questions left to answer. I can’t stay tired because I never feel like doing anything.