I have a migraine and a sore throat :(

I’m a bit concerned about whether I’m just ill or somehow managed to get the coronavirus. I’m sure that I will find out in a few days. I have a sore throat and a headache. That can be the beginning of that virus. I’m extremely tired too. I was falling asleep on the sofa so have gone back to bed. I should be ok after a nap. I will at least have some energy to do the vacuuming. I can’t leave that any longer because there’s too many bits and hair on the floor. The dusting needs attention too. I can’t let that build up too much due to my allergies. It won’t help any illness either. I’m always anti bacteria spraying or bleach spraying when I go clean even before the virus kicked off. I have a bath every night so I’m always clean as a person.

I was involved in a discussion via twitter about neurotypical people being favoured for medical treatment in the virus crisis over those with neurological issues, such a lack autism. I got accused of supporting that view because I said that we couldn’t do anything to stop that kind of practice. That doesn’t mean I support those of us with neurological conditions being pushed to the bottom of the pile for virus treatment over neurotypicals. I don’t want to encourage the us verses them model. Also, I have my personal reasons for not making an issue out of inequalities. I was the most militant autistic activist when I was younger. That only got me punished for going up against the authorities when I saw inequality. I lost my chance of a career and even my own son. I had my family life ruined from my teenage years because of the way I was labelled and being sent over 70 miles away to a hospital under section and then residential care. I got thrown in prison too when I got older. I may not agree with certain things but I won’t get a peaceful  life if I go up against the authorities again. I need a break. I haven’t got the energy to go through all their punishments again.

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