I’m not quite in self isolation mode.

I have just had a bath and now chilling in front of the television. I had my hair done today. That means I can’t afford to do anything else. I may as well go into self-isolation mode like most of the country. I have my hair highlighted, cut and blow dried. That costs quite a lot but my roots aren’t noticeable for approximately 3 months due to my natural hair tone. I’m also getting silvery grey streaks sprouting occasionally which helps colour match for as long as possible. I’m only 33 this year but I think it’s the stress of what’s happened during my life. Once you’ve got your first grey hair others join them every so often. It’s also not a good idea to pull the first few out because it just encourages more to grow. There’s not really a lot of point in the long term.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next few weeks. We just all need to do what is instructed and hope that the virus stops spreading. I’m not looking forward to the status quo lasting months though. I also hope that we don’t end up like Spain. Apparently, they are questioned why they’re leaving their homes, have to go places one at a time and their every move is watched when their given clearance to use the supermarket etc. It reminds me of being in prison. We are no longer going to know what it’s like to be free for the foreseeable future. That is my idea of living in hell. I dislike authority anyway. I have a natural disdain towards the idea of  authorities potentially using this situation to gain more controls over us in the guise of preventing future pandemics. I’ve had dreams recently that have been extremely frightening. However, I cannot remember the exact details. I do know that it had a resemblance to what is going on right now. I don’t get worried unless I have dreams in relation to whatever is occurring in waking life. I’ve never read the book 1984 but have seen extracts from it recently predicting a pandemic in the year 2020. This has led to many groups of people trying to say that the government created the virus. I’m open minded. I go by what I dream. The only problem is the fact I don’t remember details enough to properly know what I dreamed. I fear more for those who are in the high risk category. That includes my own biological son because he has asthma. I don’t want the virus to affect him. I can’t protect him because he’s not in my life via a closed adoption, no contact arrangement in place. I’d offer myself to have the virus if it meant that he was spared from catching it. It won’t harm me because I’m physically reasonably healthy.