I need to chill due to the craziness outside. Are we going to see the first ever group of toilet paper bandits in the U.K.?

The cats have even gone out. I’m on my own chilling out for the first time today. I went out to attempt to get every day supplies earlier. I couldn’t get everything I needed because the shelves were empty again. Please can people stop stockpiling because it’s getting absolutely ridiculous now. The toilet rolls seem non existent anywhere at the moment. There was no cat litter anywhere apart from pound stretchers. Apparently, dog owners are saying that dog food is also hard to get at the moment. Bread was very minimal in the supermarket I visited. The in store baked stuff wasn’t that fresh. Fruit and vegetables were in quite short supply.

I wouldn’t mind if there was enough there at some time but there seems to be no ending or break from hassle trying to obtain things we literally take for granted as every day essentials. It’s stress that none of us need on top of trying to dodge a pandemic. I was watching a supermarket delivery lorry waiting to drop off stock earlier. I was thinking to myself that, if things got worse and people continued to stockpile certain things, those delivery lorries may get held up and looted. I wouldn’t do it but things are already quite crazy out there. It would be the first toilet paper bandits situation we have ever seen in the U.K. I wouldn’t be surprised by anything at this moment in time or over the coming months. We have to make jokes because it’s quite bleak. Seriously, it feels like a continuous game of reversed whack-a-mole, the coronavirus is the hammer and we are the moles ducking into our burrows to avoid being struck by the ‘covid-19 hammer’.