Forcing myself to function. The outside world is also affecting me adversely.

I felt like I didn’t want to do anything today. I think I had a reasonable sleep. I woke up quite late but felt like I had properly slept. Although, I have attempted to do quite a lot, I still feel like I’m chasing my tail. I’m extremely fed up of everyone going on about the coronavirus. They’re still panic buying because of what has been broadcast on the television. Just please stop it! Let me put it another way that may stop this madness. I can’t put a negative slant on the endless stockpiling of toilet roll. However, when it comes to various foods being stockpiled, that is an area I can plant a seed in. Self isolation also means lack of normal activity, no exercise because you’re not going out. That much food is going to cause irreversible weight gain. Especially the things you’re buying in bulk (pasta and bread). You won’t only have weight issues during the self isolation period… you’ll have pockets of fat that won’t ever burn off. As far as those that don’t care about that factor, I will just say don’t be greedy. Many people over eat due to their size and their consumption of food is a lot more than the averaged size person.

I’m not against overweight people, I used to be overweight in my early 20s. I’m pointing out that we all need to eat only reasonable sized portions so that the supermarket shelves aren’t bare. As for loo roll, 2 packs are enough for even a family for a whole week. There’s no need to even ration those two packs because 8 means there is a toilet roll for the bathroom each day of the week and one spare just in case. I use my toilet roll as tissue to blow my nose when I get allergies. Even I don’t go through 8 a week on my own using it for two different reasons. Also, you can freeze a loaf of bread as a spare which means less demand on people grabbing all the bread each week. Two loaves one week, freeze one. The second week you won’t need to go get another one from the new stock in the supermarket. Or order online, depending on how you do your food shop.  It’s not like having defrosted bread one week is going to do any harm. I did this even before the virus outbreak. Its automatic when you’ve used one, frozen one after a few weeks. Then not having to buy bread the next week.

I’m going to have to go now because I have my degree assignment to work on before the next tutorial on Wednesday. I’ve put the first part in note form but I need to type it up as a proper answer to the first question. Wednesday is relating to the contents of question 2 which I need to keep in line with due to the deadline date of the assignment. Also, I was playing with the cat earlier and he grabbed my face instead of my hair by accident. I can already see a red line down the side of my face so I’m definitely going to have a light scratch mark there for a while. I was only playing catch my hair with him because both of them were well behaved when I was doing housework earlier. They kept off the wet floor so my attention was a reward for the cats. I probably shouldn’t have got my face too close as mister gets quite over excited while playing grab my hair. I’m using their toys next time. He’s never caught my face before.