The madness which is the Coronavirus outbreak.

I got a phone call from my GP surgery today. They then messaged me saying that all appointments are cancelled tomorrow due to the coronavirus outbreak. They’ve informed me to call the surgery to rearrange the appointment. I popped into the coop this afternoon to get a few bits. There was no bread or toilet rolls left. This is getting absolutely mad. Someone was actually mugged for their toilet roll hogging the other day. I don’t condone violence but I also think that being greedy is completely wrong.

We have to act responsibly rather than buying more than we need. We’re already potentially being sent into a forced self isolation in a few weeks if things get worse and many appointments are being cancelled. We can at least not be selfish because it’s going to make everything that is happening ten times worse.

I got a bit done today… battling against tiredness.

I slept for quite a while after I had my lunch. I had enough sleep last night but I was still tired when I woke up this morning. I attempted some of my tutor marked assignment earlier. I have at least started it. I just finished ironing. I hate that job. I lite some incense to chill out. It’s supposed to be one that brings luck. I need luck for getting through to the end of my degree module. I am seriously no longer enjoying it and literally had to make force myself to complete at least some of it.

I had a nightmare two days ago. It frightened me but I can’t remember what even happened. I’m not one of those people who get stressed out about the coronavirus situation. I don’t go out a lot anyway. The panic buying is getting irritating. I realise that I still worry about the person that completely screwed me over. I don’t want them to get the virus despite how angry I am at them. There are loads of times that I wished awful things to happen to them. I’m now hoping that my intentions don’t become reality now. We all say stuff in anger but now this virus has started spreading, the reality is that something could wipe the other person out. Is the curse I did in anger still going to be active? I’m not experienced enough in the dark arts to know whether it’s still active after 3 years.  This is exactly the reason why I don’t normally do spells. I wish that I could remember the dream in case it was important. In these times maybe my dreams could help if I see something of significance.