Wow, I actually slept properly last night.

I don’t normally fall asleep straight away and not wake up during the night. However, last night I actually slept properly. I know it’s rare because it doesn’t normally happen. It’s such a rare occurrence that I don’t expect to get to sleep straight away and not wake up during the night. I really needed that proper nights sleep. I even have much better skin than I have had in weeks. It’s not dry and itchy this morning. I also wasn’t disturbed last night because the cats weren’t keen on going out in the windy weather. I also didn’t go for a nap yesterday despite feeling tired from barely sleeping the previous night. I didn’t have time for a nap because I had a long list of things that I had to do.

I’ve nearly fell out with the whole idea of getting my law degree. It’s getting harder and there are bits my brain is finding too difficult to grasp. I asked my tutor but apparently he can’t explain deductive, inductive (I’m going by memory here so that may not be correct word) reasoning and reasoning by analogy any clearer than the module material. I understand that these are philosophical reasoning techniques but I cannot incorporate them into applying the same method to use it in ways to analyse a case etc. Three there is the endless amount of reading. I’m not a lazy person but it’s a task that I don’t normally do. I am not a person who reads books. I occasionally pick up a book but can take a long time to read it. I just lose interest in what I’m reading far too quickly. That is a problem when you are required to read a document and are expected to answer questions relating to it. I was probably too tired to function properly yesterday but I just looked at the text on something about conduct in relation to criminal liability. I could have been reading a foreign language. That is how much it was going over my head at that point. I had to leave it because I just ended up sat there looking at the screen absolutely clueless.