Today has felt like climbing a hill….

I didn’t have a lot of sleep last night which probably hasn’t helped how I have found today. I am having a few minutes sit down before I do the vacuuming. I woke up with  dry itchy skin. I then found out that two tyres needed replacing. The front one hasn’t got enough tread left on it to remain legally safe. The next one is being done tomorrow as I ordered another one today. Guess I should have taken the hint when it ordered two initially by accident. I was more concerned about replacing the cracked one at the back.

I then tried to order my medication but got a text telling me I had to ring them. I have to go for a blood test next week because my iron levels haven’t been checked in a while. I’ve never been ordered to have a blood test before but things are quieter right now due to the coronavirus. It’s not a place I’m keen on going at the moment due to the virus outbreak. I was holding off going the doctors for other reasons. I could ask them to take blood for a pregnancy test too just to put my mind at rest about a cryptic type of pregnancy. I keep telling myself that I’m not due to various things but I’m not convinced as there is always a slight doubt in my mind. It’s just the things I’ve been experiencing is not easily explained away. The fact that I have been having monthlies since that night is reassuring but feeling movements is less reassuring. I’ve lost the bit of bump now but there is still one there and scarily it looks higher, that wouldn’t happen if the bump was caused by a cyst or something. I’m open minded about having any more children. If it’s happened (hopefully not) then I’m not going to be totally against the idea. It’s too late to reverse the situation by this point because I would be about 23 weeks. I might as well try to find out while I’m at the doctors having blood tests anyway.

And, to top today off, driving in the local town to get food and petrol took longer than normal due to road works. I also couldn’t get toilet paper at one of the supermarkets. I managed to get some at the local pound shop next to where I got petrol. It is a ridiculous situation regarding the toilet roll panic buying. We had toilet roll in our local supermarkets a week ago. The online supermarket also sold out when I ordered some of the things at the end of last week. The impact hasn’t happened in this area until this week.