Well, my brain wasn’t functioning properly yesterday.

I didn’t think that missing my antidepressants would be too risky for two days. I got up too late to take them so in my mind it’s less stressful for my mind if I don’t take them after midday. However,  I messed up twice yesterday. I didn’t notice those mistakes until after I’d done them. I put a load of washing on a 3 hour 60 degrees wash yesterday. The washing didn’t completely go pink due to using a colour catcher (that went a dark pink). Some of the clothes have a slight pink hue to them but it’s not that noticeable. I also got a phone call from the place I ordered a tyre yesterday. Apparently, I ordered two different ones. I only need to replace one. I think my phone may have saved information via the cookies because I went to look at another site after starting an order thinking that I had to start from the beginning again. I rang them back to sort out the mix up this morning after they left me a message confused as to what I actually meant to order. I don’t think that I’ve had much sleep last night either because I was doing my university degree module until late. I will probably go for a nap later because itv has taken all the normal things off of the television for the racing the whole of this week.