Email address problems.

My gmail address got deleted today. This means that this is the second time I’ve lost an email address. The yahoo one that I had also got deleted. I have now set up a new one with a different password and security questions. That is just in case it is a hacker which was responsible for both my email addresses getting deleted. I’m not impressed regardless how it happened. If anyone needs to email me, my new address is . It isn’t just an email address being deleted this time. I also had my other gmail account tied up to YouTube controlling my channel (albeit I don’t make videos as a regular occurrence), in turn that account I used for YouTube also had all my music playlists stored for easy access when I am out walking. I also used that address for PayPal, logging in to top up my gas & electric. This has subsequently caused me more hassle than the yahoo one getting deleted. I didn’t use my yahoo one to get into anything.

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