Email address problems.

My gmail address got deleted today. This means that this is the second time I’ve lost an email address. The yahoo one that I had also got deleted. I have now set up a new one with a different password and security questions. That is just in case it is a hacker which was responsible for both my email addresses getting deleted. I’m not impressed regardless how it happened. If anyone needs to email me, my new address is . It isn’t just an email address being deleted this time. I also had my other gmail account tied up to YouTube controlling my channel (albeit I don’t make videos as a regular occurrence), in turn that account I used for YouTube also had all my music playlists stored for easy access when I am out walking. I also used that address for PayPal, logging in to top up my gas & electric. This has subsequently caused me more hassle than the yahoo one getting deleted. I didn’t use my yahoo one to get into anything.

Disabled people have limited options…

I’m hoping that I am not the only disabled person that finds themselves in this predicament. I must admit that it isn’t a huge issue to many people. I find it an issue due to wanting to move away from this area to start fresh in a new area where I didn’t grow up. If I was happy in this particular area then the issue literally wouldn’t be a problem. As everyone is aware, disabled people have recently been subjected to rigorous assessment procedures in order to keep their financial support (social security benefits). I went through a drawn out process which involved me having to take them to tribunal at the end of 2018. I managed to get all the benefits reinstated by January 2019. If I moved to rent somewhere new, regardless the area, I would have to move from employment and support allowance to the dreaded universal credit.

This is an option that I want to avoid for as long as possible. Until I’m 35, I will probably only get single room rate in a new area. I only get the majority of rent allowance now due to ESA assessment giving me the severe disability element which automatically gets the council to see me as severely disabled under 35, then allow me the full rent under exceptional circumstances. There is far too much that could go wrong with benefit change overs if I did move away. I do want to move but I’m stuck in this area due to the systems technicalities.