Chilling at 1am :)

I’ve just had a bath after getting home round about midnight. I’m just having a cup of tea and then going to sleep. 1am really isn’t that late for me. I’m sometimes awake until about 4am and if I don’t sleep it’s probably 6am. I will probably sleep quite quickly tonight because I’m already feeling sleepy. I came out of the bathroom to find mister had yanked up part of the hallway carpet. Luckily there was no damage, but he was sitting outside the bathroom looking like he was proud of his achievements. He got told off and the bit of the carpet he had pulled up got put back down. He’s never done that before. They were both waiting for me to come out the bathroom so that they could have their food bowl filled up.

They can get quite naughty when they’re insisting it’s food time. They can be just like children as they fight when getting hungry. It’s not like they aren’t given enough food. However, cats will keep eating even when they’re full. I don’t give them treats that often because mister is on the borderline of being overweight. Mimi doesn’t really like any of the treats I have given them. A lot of these treats are basically junk food for cats anyway. They get fed enough meals of wet food a day not to need treats. They always have a bit of dry food in the bowls just in case they get a bit hungry in between during the day. They are literally spoilt. Dave pops in to eat from time to time. He only gets the dry food because that is less expensive. I really do prefer the cats to humans to be totally honest.

I’m going to go now because I am starting to drop off to sleep.