Reset of sleep pattern failed.

I never slept at all last night. I stayed awake nearly all day but I can’t function without a nap. I won’t be able to get anything done if I don’t nap for about an hour. I look slightly less tired than I actually feel right now. The weather is so much better than it has been for a while. I would go out if I weren’t this tired. I feel like I’m wasting a decent day of reasonable weather perfect for a walk. I would do if I had any sleep last night. I’m that exhausted I am using automated email replies that gmail provide. I can’t think today so I will let technology do it for me. If I reply to anyone on social networks with just emojis I apologise in advance. I normally use actual words but I’m lacking energy and had no sleep last night. I’m not even thinking in sentences today. I keep nodding off while typing so this may not even get posted. I am going to sign off because I can’t stay awake much longer.