Another sleepless night :(

I just couldn’t sleep all night. I randomly just realised that I haven’t washed my hair this week. It’s not even got greasy yet. I will start to get an itchy scalp normally when it’s in need of a wash. I feel it getting to that point. I’m not feeling well either. I felt sick most of the night. I don’t know why but that also kept me awake. I even listened to one of those binaural beat videos that is supposed to send you to sleep. It didn’t work. I got relaxed but I didn’t actually fall asleep. I felt actually settled yesterday for a while. Then I dipped back into what feels like a hole. I’ve never gone up and down so quickly in a matter of just hours. Nights can be hard for those of us that don’t sleep well. The hours go slowly and you’re alone with whatever is lingering in your thoughts. I’m not thinking anything much at the moment. I had to rest my brain after doing some of my university degree module earlier. I literally have a brain that is too tired to think at the moment. I just can’t sleep even though I’m extremely exhausted.