People are just getting ridiculous. And I need to put a few things straight.

I have been sending out mail shots to random people on Instagram. I mostly received positive replies back from those recipients. However, I then got one person reply with quite an abrupt message telling me to take them off of a mailing list and as I tried to smooth things over with them I was told that they had reported me for spamming to the Canadian government. It’s so easy to block emails. It’s quite pathetic to report the sender for spamming. If the blog is not your cup of tea then just block the mail shots. There is no need to throw a wobbly at the sender and inform the government. If my email address stops working then I shall know exactly who is responsible. They then owe me compensation for inconvenience caused because of their actions. I can be just as pathetic! I think the worlds levels of stupidity are at an all time high. We only had 26 page views yesterday on the stats metre. I had to do something because that has been the blogs biggest dip so far this year. I totally get that people are losing their heads over the coronavirus outbreak but chill out and ignore things rather than becoming confrontational. I’m just trying to promote the blog for totally non-profit reasons. I don’t make the money to put up with other people accusing me of spamming. I set out time to do the promotional aspects of the blog. I have my university module to do alongside and other aspects of life. Being a blogger is now a cheap tasteless career because we are seen as the less skilled versions of writers that have wrote a variety of books, journals and other published literature. This is the best I can possibly aim for at this moment in time though. I probably will never be an official published author because I don’t have the talent or skills. I have to expose my views etc for free for the foreseeable future.

On a totally separate matter, I would like to point out something that I am now quite sure about more recently. I have had a huge think and evaluation of who I am as a person. I don’t feel that I am gay. I don’t think that I would ever want to ‘go there with another woman’. I didn’t know that when I was younger. Sometimes feelings can all seem the same in your teens and twenties. If I ever accidentally sounded like I was coming on to another woman then I’m sorry because that was never my intention and certainly I know now that it isn’t what I wanted. I don’t particularly fancy men either. I just wanted a friend and seemed extremely in your face because I used to feel quite lonely. I looked at others out with each other and just wanted to do those kinds of things. I don’t want to get any gay hate laid in my direction due to other people’s fears and prejudices.