Leap day has been 5 out of 10.

I have been out for the first time in nearly a week. That was positive because I was getting bored at home. I did have a slight migraine all day which wasn’t pleasant. I could function with it so it wasn’t too bad. I did a little bit of my module notes but I had to force myself because I didn’t feel motivated. I do want a degree but law is quite complex and it takes me a while to figure things out. I also read questions differently from one day to the next when attempting to complete assignments. I notice my lack of schooling as a child when it comes to doing these tasks. I didn’t learn these academic skills until I was an adult.

I dropped my cup of tea all over my white trousers earlier. I occasionally get twitchy hands. It hasn’t happened for quite a while but it decided to randomly do it earlier. The twitch movement literally involuntarily tipped my cup while I was holding it. Luckily the tea was only warm rather than hot. I then got back tonight and managed to lose the wandering cat (I refer to as Dave but others call him Thor as this was his original name) as he’s strolled off upstairs. He was looking for a place to sleep. I gave him some food and then mister (one of my own cats) goes and launches at him. I let Dave back out but he ran up the stairs and point blankly refuses to go outside when I open the outer door. I don’t blame him. He normally finds a place to stop for the night but obviously he didn’t get in anywhere else tonight. He’s quite an elderly cat so the cold probably affects him. I tried to get him a proper home but he doesn’t want to stay anywhere due to wandering for years. I can’t go up there because the lights are all off and aren’t automatic like ours downstairs. I know for a fact that one of the neighbours who wakes up around 5am will not be pleased to find him asleep outside their flat. She told me off for letting the cat in the outer door even when he was coming into mine once. I probably should wake up early to move him on before any of the rest of the neighbours in this block wake up. I don’t want to turf him outside before he has anywhere else to go. He is welcome in here but he only drops in for food because mister has a go at him. I was glad when he started going somewhere else. It got me out of a difficult situation trying to keep the two cats in separate areas of the flat.