I rate today a 3 out of 10.

I got up at a decent hour today. I took my medication at the right time instead of too late in the day. I can’t say that I actually feel that great though. I haven’t been for a walk in a few days and I am definitely not going out in this miserable rainy weather today. Apparently, it’s going to rain all day.   I’ve felt ill today and yesterday. I had a migraine yesterday and felt sick. I still have the end bit of the migraine today where my stomach is being temperamental. I don’t have a headache today though. I just feel tired and quite run down. I still have a cold sore which doesn’t seem to want to go away and I made it worse by picking it. It ended up bigger because I tried to pick it off. I know that it wasn’t a good idea but I was getting bugged by the feel of dry soreness in the corner of my lip. I have at least reset my sleep pattern. I haven’t done much else today yet. I just don’t have the energy because I was still awake at 5am. I probably had barely any proper sleep. I had to at least try to make an effort today. I’m hoping that I will function better tomorrow.