Treatment options didn’t work for me because….(this is our current mental health provision).

I received a comment on a previous blog post earlier. I did reply but I do feel that I should expand on the topic in a separate post. The treatment options I was given in 2015 after I got permanently excluded from university was quite inappropriate and upsetting for me. I’m not a snowflake type of person. I can take quite a lot before I’ve had enough. I was only given the option of being assessed by the local forensic mental health professionals. I went to two out of three assessment appointments. I saw a Psychologist who didn’t understand autism. I could tell by her attitude. She told me to concentrate on things to answer questions. I find that extremely hard. I ended up crying begging for help only to be told that I was being aggressive and accused me of shouting at her but that wasn’t what happened. I walked out of the appointment in floods of tears when I had seen her a few times and ended up distressed due to her attitude. I said that I wouldn’t go back without someone going with me; but I was informed that I wouldn’t be seen unless I was on my own during appointments.

Therefore my decision was to establish that this assessment wasn’t appropriate for me. I didn’t feel comfortable attending appointments with any of that team. Their ignorance of autism was quite apparent by things that were said to me. I was told that it had been put down as being non compliant on my medical notes. There was no reason listed as to why I had said no to the last set of appointments. Frankly, I was treated with more compassion by the prison staff when I ended up briefly in there for breaking the restraining order repeatedly.

I probably do have a mental health condition after my experiences. However, I do not trust the current system for diagnosing and treating mental illness. I go to the GP, get referred to the local mental health team and they basically refuse to see me. The only place I ever get directed towards is the forensic mental health services. I would rather struggle horrendously on my worse days than be treated / spoken to in the disrespectful way I was on the previous occasion when I tried to access help services. The support service and social workers were useless at tackling the discriminatory attitudes. I raised my concerns and subsequently got told my services were withdrawn. I haven’t had any services for probably 3 years now. I was literally dropped by those supposed to be supporting me and a year later ended up in prison due to lack of support.

One thought on “Treatment options didn’t work for me because….(this is our current mental health provision).

  1. The fact that she would refuse to see you unless she could get you on your own sounds extremely dodgy to me. That sounds like a very strange policy and one made up on the spot so that there were no witnesses to her conduct. It certainly sets off alarm-bells. I mean as if her overall behaviour didn’t do the same.

    Sadly, there are way too many people in mental health with a bad attitude to patients. It’s long been used as medicine’s dumping ground for crappy clinicians, much to the irritation of those who actually want to work there for the right reasons. I’m not familiar with the “forensic” side of things but I would’ve thought it the duty of all psychologists to show compassion, empathy and concern for their patients and their well-being, rather than just haranguing them and making them feel bad.

    Which is where I came in. No wonder she wanted nobody else to witness behaviour that strikes me as abusive. A psychologist who’s not only that nasty but gas-lights her patients is dangerous. You were right to stop seeing her.


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